9 Dishes Doctors Won't Eat at Thanksgiving

You might want to think twice if your favorites are at the top of this list


Stuffing may not be your best bet if you are trying to eat healthy on Thanksgiving.

You anticipate indulging, and expect to experience a solid food coma on Thanksgiving every year. With everything from your grandmother’s famous stuffing to that homemade pumpkin pie, you pretty much know you're going to feel sick to your stomach once your head hits the pillow.

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But do you ever think about what you are eating? Some basic Thanksgiving dishes, such as lean turkey meat and roasted vegetables, are doctor-approved for your body. Others, such as store-bought cranberry sauce and gravy are on the list of foods to avoid. Restriction is never a good idea, especially when you have been looking forward to this holiday all year. If you do choose to enjoy the not-so-good dishes, make sure you fill up your plate with the healthy Thanksgiving foods as well. We spoke with three medical doctors and a doctor of dental surgery about the Thanksgiving dishes that they absolutely won’t eat on Turkey Day.