7 Healthy Ways To Have 'Dessert' For Breakfast

French toast, chocolate-chip pancakes, blueberry muffins, glazed donuts — it's no wonder cookies for breakfast seem like they should be an acceptable option. Instead, take your hand out of the cookie jar and create your own sweet and healthy breakfast. Using staples that you may already have in your kitchen, you can craft your own spin on dessert-inspired breakfast.

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A sugar cookie may not be the healthiest way to start your day, but there is always room for Healthy Breakfast Cookies. Sweetened with agave nectar and vanilla extract, these whole-grain cookies will melt in your mouth and satisfy your sweet tooth. If you want something more filling than a cookie, try Baked Steel-Cut Oatmeal with Cherries to fulfill your cherry pie craving. The whole-grain oatmeal is sweetened with vanilla and maple syrup, and it has a pie-like texture. You could even put a dollop of Greek yogurt on top to replace whipped cream.  

Maybe you want unhealthy breakfast foods made healthy? Try making banana pancakes with whole-wheat flour, almond milk, cinnamon, egg whites, and banana. Top the pancakes with pure maple syrup and fruit to make this breakfast dish even sweeter. You can even make Baked Banana Bread Pancakes with coconut milk and walnuts for a little crunch.

Ditch the sugar-covered high-fat blueberry muffins and try healthy Maple Apple Muffins. Using pure spices and fresh fruit will make you forget that it's even healthy. If you're not in the mood for baking, blend a quick smoothie to bring along with you to work. How does a Cherry Chocolate Almond Smoothie sound? A little bit of chocolate goes a lot way, and the chia seeds, almonds, and protein powder will keep you full until lunch.

Another great dessert-inspired recipe for when you're on the go is the Merry Berry Parfait. Why have frozen yogurt after dinner when you can eat a healthier version for breakfast? Top the yogurt with fresh berries and granola.