20 Surprising Reasons You're Always Tired

When you don't get enough sleep, you know why you're tired. Doctors have been recommending eight hours since before you were born.

But we're not here to advise you on that obvious solution. Every now and then, there are those times when you tried so hard and you did it: You got your full night's sleep. And yet when you woke up and made it to work, you were immediately exhausted.

There are perfectly logical reasons why you're feeling this way, even after you got all that rest.

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Fatigue can really put a damper on your day. It makes tedious, mountainous ordeals out of small tasks and can turn a simple conversation into a laborious chore. You live a full, busy life — you need all the energy you can get. We understand that you can't afford to be dragging all day, and that feeling well rested is crucial for making it through your packed schedule.

It's likely that your lifestyle is secretly robbing you of your energy without you even knowing it. Are you making any of these mistakes that set you up for hours of exhaustion?