18 'Healthy' Habits That Really Aren't

We've seen it one too many times: The girl who says one day she's going to "get healthy!" and the next day she's snacking on raw celery and eating a breakfast of plain cereal with skim milk. She might even go running every morning — and she hates running.

This kind of situation is unfortunate to witness — because she has no idea what she's doing wrong.

Unfortunately, "healthy" habits like those aren't helping her get healthy, and they aren't sustainable. You've probably experienced something similar. Maybe you tried slashing back your calorie intake, or always said no to dessert. The odds are pretty high that you did it for about a week or two and then immediately fell back into your old habits.

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If adopting these habits were actually a healthy move, you would start feeling better from doing them and you would start to want to. The real healthy habits might not be easy — in the same way that learning how to read isn't easy. But then, word by word, habit by habit, you start to get it. You figure out just what works for you, and it becomes second nature.

In the meantime, so you know what not to do on your journey to a healthier lifestyle, these are some of the things you might try that aren't really healthy at all.