15 Weird Food Cravings And What They Mean

Human bodies are weird. Sometimes, you feel an insatiable need for doughnuts, and other times you feel like you could eat a whole tub of sauerkraut. It makes no sense; a craving can start as a tiny inclination towards a certain food and quickly grow into a nagging need that refuses to subside. Until, of course, you give in.

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Lots of times, especially when a person experiences a craving for a food they think is unhealthy, those cravings are aggressively suppressed. Like trying to hold an inflated soccer ball underwater, the craving — once forgotten about — inevitably bobs back up to the surface. The attempt at suppressing the need for a certain food only causes the desire to return more forcefully, fueling a vicious cycle of frustration and a lack of satiation.

The best way to get rid of a craving is to indulge in it without judgment. Take the negative label off the food and it will no longer possess that "forbidden fruit" quality that made the food so attractive in the first place.

This makes a potato chip craving something we can understand. But some cravings seem to make no logical sense. From the usual to the unusual and the seriously weird, here are 15 food cravings, explained.