Have You Tried Yonderbound For Travel Planning?

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Have You Tried Yonderbound For Travel Planning?


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Yonderbound is a revolutionary travel website that gives culture hungry globetrotters the chance to not only share their knowledge and recommendations, but also to earn money while doing it.

In the modern internet-driven world, every day sees millions of people expressing their opinions on hotels and hostels across the land, with tales of their experiences giving travelers a unique insight into this adventurous hobby. Now, these insights can generate future travel money. In contrast with sites such as TripAdvisor, 70% of Yonderbound revenue generated from user a recommendation is given to, yes, the user.

At the heart of this monetization platform is the innovative Yonderbox. In short, a Yonderbox is a kind of travel notebook, with users able to write down their opinions on general travel issues, and recommend hostels and hotels in their country of choice. Customers can share their Yonderboxes with whomever they like — friends, family or the whole Yonderbound world. The creators of Yonderboxes that inspire other users to ship out will make 70% of the resulting revenue, also known as Yondercredit. The more exciting the Yonderbox, the more likely users are to find inspiration there, and so travelers are bound to be more motivated to locate the very best and most breath-taking accommodation. Exploring Yonderboxes is incredibly simple, and with certain destinations boasting hundreds of them, it’s easy to find high standard unique places to rest your head.


Epicure & Culture’s very own Yonderboxes!

Yonderboxes are far from generic recommendations, with exciting themes often behind featured hotels. Perhaps you are looking for hotels perched on the edges of cliffs or hotels with rooftop bars overlooking your travel city of choice. Regardless, the odds are you will find it in someone’s Yonderbox.

Check out the links below for some of the most intriguing Yonderboxes offered up by the site. Who knows – you might even get sucked in.

The World’s Best Markets

Here is an example of how Yonderboxes can concentrate on concepts as well as countries. This guide to the best markets the world has to offer is enough to get anyone salivating.

Foodie Hotels

Yonderboxes such as this are another fine example of how they cater to various groups, and is certainly one for foodies.

One of Yonderbound’s most appealing aspects is the fact that different Yonderboxes can be created for different budgets and needs. For example, someone may embark on a luxurious trip around Thailand, and create both a luxury themed Yonderbox and a budget Yonderbox. Both the rich and the budgeters are happy.

For years, travelers have been making their way around the world on a shoestring budget, all the while neglecting to keep like-minded people in the loop. Finally, this passion fueled activity has found a home on a platform that rewards its reviewers.

Likened to Pinterest but with a booking feature, Yonderbound is working to change the travel review landscape, with its emphasis on thrilling and unique accommodation worthy of any photo album.

Have you used Yonderbound for travel planning? Please share your experience in the comments below?

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