Have a Healthy Halloween

Catherine McCord’s tips for a healthy Halloween night

Keep the kids happy and healthy with these tips and recipes!

With the countdown on for the massive amount of sugar intake your kids will experience this Halloween, most parents are probably a little nervous of candy overkill. While of course one night of sugar won’t harm your kids, the impending holiday season is enough to cause parents concern for sweet treat overload.

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But there is plenty you can do to keep kids healthy during any holiday, with simple tricks and treats that will keep them fueled and focused during this tempting time of year — especially if you are following advice from author Catherine McCord. Her latest book, Weelicious Lunches, is loaded with more than 160 recipes that encourage families to "think outside the lunch box" to help kids get their healthy doses of need nutrients. 

McCord shared with us some tips and recipes to help you keep your family healthy this Halloween and all holiday season long!

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