Haute Couture Pizzas

Scottish restaurateur makes pizza featuring famous faces

If Anna Wintour, Tom Ford, or Rihanna get hungry this week while attending the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week shows, they can always order a pizza — with their face on it.

Glasgow-based chef Domenico Crolla has begun making pizzas with the faces of famous fashion icons on them, according to a recent BuzzFeed article. The pizzas feature surprisingly realistic portraits made solely out of cheese and tomato sauce atop a crust, and customers can choose pizzas displaying a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps or a likeness of Beyoncé or Sophia Loren, to name a few.

Crolla owns the Italian restaurants Pizza Couture and Bella Napoli in Glasgow, Ireland, and developed his love for pizza while working for his father, who opened a restaurant when he moved from Rome. His inspiration to create food depicting haute couture icons came from his desire to have the construction of his pizzas mirror that of a precisely assembled couture item, one made of high-quality materials with great attention to detail by an experienced hand.


Crolla cites Billionaire Couture, Angelo Galasso, and Tom Ford as some of his favorite designers, as their clothes feature cuts that better fit those with a "rounder" figure — after seeing these pizzas, we might have to look for more figure-flattering clothes, as well.