Haunted Mansion

Row 1

Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom (Walt Disney World)
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
(407) 824-4321

Foursquare Tips

  • If your kids are anxious about the spookiness of Haunted Mansion point out the humorous aspects of the ride or go on Pirates of the Caribbean to prepare them.
  • Do not pull down on the saftey bar... I will lower it for you!
  • Don't be a retard and take flash photos on the ride. It ruins everyone's experience around you, and you won't capture the special fx with your crappy point and shoot digital camera.
  • People who walk around Disney World posting comments about "how much better Disney Land is" should just stay out in California.
  • Ride it a couple times you will always notice something new & spooky awesome
  • Find Madame Leota's ring.
  • Hang around the stretch room a little while after it unloads. Listen carefully, as you can hear creepy voices coming from around the gargoyles saying "get out..."
  • Hidden Mickey: Check out the dinner plates on the table after the awakening. They form Mickey ears!
  • The five busts at the beginning of the new cemetery area compose a riddle. Use the clues in the poems and hidden on the busts to figure out who killed whom.
  • Best Dark Ride in the whole wide world! Also, when you exit the ride and you pass the pet cemetary, the last grave on the far left hand side is Mr Toad's
  • Don't take a picture with a flash. If you do you are a total idiot. Plus I will punch you in your face.
  • No flash pictures please! :) The ghosts don't like that!
  • Before you enter the Haunted Mansion look up the hill and you can find the pet cemetery. In the pet cemetery there is a statue of Mr. Toad.
  • Mortals pay a token fee. Rest in Peace, the haunting's free. So hurry back, we would like your company...
  • Going at night makes for a scarier experience. Just watch over your shoulder, as there may be some unexpected visitors in your "doom buggy."
  • Stand near the portrait of the young lady. The doorway to the ride will appear beneathe her.
  • Omgg....go play in the new graveyard and ride multiple times to see all the hitchhiker ghosts
  • Take the scenic route...it's worth your while. :-)
  • Look at the bride in the attic, with each new husband she gains a string of pearls.
  • When he was building this, Walt Disney paid a trip to the Ford Rouge factory to study the conveyor belt system and assembly line.