Harvard Students Send Burger to Space and Back

They didn't eat it, unfortunately

There must be something inherently awesome about seeing everyday, ordinary objects like pizza and Natty Light in space. That'll explain all the projects sending various foodstuffs to space (including sushi). 

The next ordinary food in space? A burger. Eater reports a couple of Harvard guys decided to get together and launch a hamburger into space, getting local Massachusetts burger company B.good to sponsor the mission. While the burger itself looks perfectly edible, after a space trip it's probably not the best idea to take a bite. It was sprayed with varnish, after all, since "it's just gonna get shredded apart in the wind," one of the guys says. 

This ordinary hamburger reportedly reached a max altitude of 30,000 meters (what did you do today?), carried by a 600-gram weather balloon until it popped. The burger landed 130 miles away, 100 feet up in a tree, where the boys promptly tried to shoot it down with a bow. Of course.

That didn't work, so it took a storm to recover the footage. Watch below for your viewing pleasure; we'd ask for a fries and shake to enhance the meal next time.


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