Harkins Theatres Chandler Fashion 20

Movie Theater, Cineplex
3159 W Chandler Blvd (at Chandler Fashion Center)
Chandler, AZ 85226
(480) 732-0110


  • Karate is the most legit greeter here.
  • Complaining about texting/checking in before the actual movie starts is like honking at people immediately after the light turns green. Shush. I'll turn off my phone when the ads are over.
  • go during the early afternoon during the week to have the theatre to yourself :)
  • Don't forget your souvenir cup & tshirt for free popcorn & $1 soda refills. Attend special advance free movie screenings at this theatre with txtmovieclub.com
  • NTDM! >:-(
  • The staff is normally very friendly and polite! Bring your student ID for matinee pricing. Also, keep a gift card and load it with $25 to get a free medium popcorn! You'll eventually spend it anyways!
  • Best popcorn & love white cheddar roping!
  • White Cheddar Popcorn!!
  • Awesome theaters! Clean and big with a good variety of films.
  • This location is right outside of the mall. Great for kids, dates, and more selection of films. Valet park at the mall if you're seeing a movie on the weekend. Makes life easier!!
  • Comfy reclining seats. Hallelujah! AMC's do NOT recline! Makes a huge difference in my book.
  • The best time to go here is in the morning. On the weekends it gets very crowded and popular movies always have a lot of people there. After the movies stop at BJ's for delicious food!
  • yep! Its the place!! clean and ohhhh the buttery popcorn!!! YES!
  • Got kids? They have a play center that is awesome so you can go see that over 18 movie!
  • If you'd like to avoid the typical crowds of children, attend the films in the early morning hours any day of the week.
  • Love harkins .. AMC suxz
  • Please turn your phones off or set to vibrate
  • Don't go on a Saturday night if you can avoid it.
  • Recently remodeled and its fantastic! Recliner seats everywhere and a bar in the lobby where stupid video games used to reside. Definitely and upgraded vibe!
  • Large theaters and plenty to do in case you need to kill time before or after your movie:

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