Harkins Theatres Arcadia 8

Movie Theater
3975 E Thomas Rd (at 40th St.)
Phoenix, AZ 85018
(602) 275-5271


  • Not as Chaotic as the near by AMC. Don't be fooled by the surrounding sketchy areas. It's safe.
  • A nice, small local theater where the staff always remembers you as a regular.
  • This is a great spot where it is a little older school but always a seat to sit!
  • This spot is old school
  • The theater is in a sketchy looking area but don't worry the theater is great and the service is wonderful.
  • What is that smell!
  • Not a bad theater at all! Don't let the surroundings fool you! Very pleasant moviegoing experience.
  • Sound system sucks
  • One for the Money with my 510 Besties!
  • Get the Harkins cups and the tshirt: bring the cup back and it's $1 sodas; wear the shirt and it's free med popcorn!
  • "Priest" is truly whack sauce! Don't bother and if you are reading this while waiting for the flick...get out while you still can. You will be dissapointed with this film just like "Legion".

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