Hard Rock Goes Meatless; Sonic Is Fiery

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Hard Rock Goes Meatless; Sonic Is Fiery

Hard Rock Cafe is again doing meatless LTOs, but this time it’s for a whole month. In celebration of Vegetarian Awareness Month will offer a vegetarian-friendly menu from Oct. 3, 2016, though Nov. 13, 2016.

Last year the chain recognized World Vegetarian Day with items including a Quinoa Burger and Southwest Spiced Tofu and Black Bean Wrap. The year the menu is larger and offered longer. This year it includes a Cauliflower Burger (shown below): a house-made patty of cauliflower, garlic, egg, goat cheese, oregano and breadcrumbs topped with zucchini, squash, Monterey-Jack cheese, arugula, tomato and garlic aïoli. It’s served on a toasted brioche bun.

hardrock_cauliflowerburgerThe meatless menu also includes Cauliflower “Wings” (crispy Buffalo-style cauliflower served with bleu cheese, celery and carrot sticks); Ratatouille Flatbread (a crispy flatbread topped with garlic oil, grilled ratatouille vegetables, shredded Romano and mozzarella cheeses and a drizzle of garlic aïoli); a Grilled Ratatouille Wrap (grilled ratatouille vegetables topped with sriracha mayo, olive oil and baby arugula, served in a seasoned grilled flour tortilla with a side salad); Fennel, Beet & Orange Salad (roasted beets, crisp fennel, fresh orange, mint, cilantro and spring greens tossed in a garlic, lime and cumin vinaigrette) and Pico de Gallo Quinoa Arugula Salad (a mix of pico de gallo, quinoa, lime juice and chopped cilantro mixed with arugula and topped with shredded Brussels sprouts, spicy pecans, feta cheese and Craisins, all tossed in a citrus vinaigrette).


sonic_fiery-burger-chickenMeet the Fiery Family at Sonic Drive-In. The chain has introduced a Fiery Cheeseburger topped with red jalapeňo spread, pepper-Jack cheese and jalapeňos. The companion Fiery Ultimate Chicken sandwich is similarly topped with red jalapeňo spread, pepper-Jack cheese and jalapeňos.


Finally, a couple of McDonald’s tidbits from around the globe:


In Canada, where the McWrap isn’t dead, McDonald’s has intro’d the Zesty BLT McWrap as part of its More-ning McWrap platform. This combines scrambled eggs with bacon, lettuce and, yep, tomato, in a tortilla wrap.

mcd_china_basilgarlicfriesChina has discovered “loaded fries.” McDonald’s “Italian” loaded fries include basil, sweet & sour tomato sauce and garlic over its famous fries.


In Spain, customers are asked to choose between two Grand McExtreme burgers (both made with 100% Spanish beef). The version from two-Michelin-star Chef Ramón Freixa has mature Cheddar cheese, crispy and caramelized onion, lettuce and mushroom sauce. The other creation is from 77-year-old grandmother (abuela) Maria Marcelina Suarez. Her Grand McExtreme burger has cheese, Batavia lettuce onion, chopped sausage and home-style tomato sauce.