Jeweled Citrus Spinach Couscous from Hanukkah’s Greatest Food Hits Slideshow

Hanukkah’s Greatest Food Hits Slideshow


Jeweled Citrus Spinach Couscous

Just because Jewish-American cooking tends to focus on the meat and potatoes of the Old Country doesn’t mean you can’t spice up your holiday fare. Try serving this twist on the Mediterranean side dish to sample traditions from around the globe! 
Make jeweled citrus spinach couscous.


Is there a better way to celebrate a miracle than with jelly doughnuts? The lemon zest adds a sophisticated twist to the traditional version, though if your kids are purists — or picky eaters — they’re also delicious citrus-free.

Make sufganiyot.

Curried Sweet Potato Latkes

Curry powder adds a little heat to this Hanukkah-table classic, while sweet potatoes give the meal a nutritional boost.

Make curried sweet potato latkes.


Applesauce is to latkes what ketchup is to french fries: You can eat ’em without, but why would you? Since this ultra-simple recipe also freezes well, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor long after the candles have burned low.

Make applesauce.

Bubbe’s Chicken

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You may not be a Jewish grandmother, but you can certainly cook like one! Hearty ingredients and rich, simple flavors make this kid-friendly dish comfort food at its finest.

Make Bubbe’s chicken.

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