The Handschumacher Dining Center

3210 Chestnut St (at Drexel University)
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 695-6199


  • If there's a lovelyyy lady in your life, take her to the Hans for a romantic date of gourmet food.
  • This place sucks!!!!!!!! But what can you do when your broke.
  • Dottie makes the best omelettes in the morning!
  • Passports is amazing. Changes daily and offers international dining.
  • You can sneak other people in with your meal plan if you swipe and then hand it sneaking to the other person. Works all the time
  • English muffin with peanut butter and apple slices is the perfect breakfast!
  • Guava juice <3
  • Personally repaired your dining booths, keep your feet off them!
  • Sloppy Joe: epitome of instant gratification
  • Get here at odd times of the day and there won't be any lines so it makes it really convenient :)
  • Check out this week's menu on their website
  • Red velvet waffles on a Saturday morning are to die for!
  • If the drink machines behind the deli are off, plug the machines in, get your drink and the unplug the machine. Saves like 30 steps.
  • Need to run? Too crowded or loud? You can now ask for takeout at the concierge.
  • Another meal, another soda? Skip the soda and try one of the flavored waters. Best drink in the house.
  • Watch out for the meat lasagna
  • There's not reason to go here unless you have a meal plan at drexel.
  • If you want to eat well and healthy... do not eat here. :)
  • Try making an affogatto with the new coffee machines. Start with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, then add two shots of espresso.
  • Be sure to come on accepted student days

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