Handle of Vodka Might Have Saved a Puppy's Life

After licking antifreeze off spare car parts, a puppy was treated with vodka, and a hangover

Let's preface this story by saying that you should not try this at home without a professional.

The Daily Mail reports that a 10-week-old puppy was saved by a bottle and a half of vodka, after the puppy almost died from antifreeze poisoning.

The puppy, which licked radiator fluid ethylene glycol off spare car parts, was at serious risk of kidney failure.

Her owner rushed her to the vet, who had a bottle of vodka on hand from Christmas. Apparently, the vet hooked the pup up to the booze, giving her a shot of vodka every six hours for two days. In less than 72 hours, a bottle and a half was given to the puppy.


According to Daily Mail, the puppy survived, but was completely wasted and suffering from the worst hangover for the next couple days. "The alcohol stops a chemical reaction in the body," vet Dr. Yenny Indrawirawan told Daily Mail. "Without the vodka Cleo was likely to develop renal failure." We're no vets, so we definitely won't be serving vodka to our puppies anytime soon, but may we recommend a greasy grilled cheese for the puppy's hangover?