Hand Taste Collective Pops Up in Boston

Hand Taste Collective Pops Up At BoMa Restaurant In the South End September 9th

Pop ups no longer seem to be a passing trend.  In Boston, as they are in other places around the world, they have inserted themselves as an integral part of the Boston food scene, providing for a more edgy dynamic, an element of mystery and surprise adding to the already thriving restaurant community.

Another popup concept, fresh for the books, is Hand Taste Collective.  Founded at the start of 2013, the team behind this concept is traditional in the sense that they pop up about once a month by taking over a restaurant space for one night only.  Other than this, however, theirs is a wonderfully fresh and interesting approach. 

Their menu is a fusion of southeast-Asian and seasonal New England ingredients and a blend of different techniques resulting in a personal and unique approach.  They relish in the relations and ties their dinners create by bringing different people together, all under the overarching enjoyment of interesting food and natural wines.


Having held two dinners so far, one at Spoke Wine Bar and the other at Daddy Jones, the buzz and excitement is palpable, both have been sold out.  The next one comes up on September 9th at BoMa restaurant in the South End.  Tickets have gone live and reservations can (and should!) be made NOW.