Hamilton Park

Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 798-9539



  • Ignore everything and run everywhere with your shoes off.
  • The two west lawns are Pet Free Zones. The two south lawns are Pets Allowed. Know the difference.
  • Nestled in a quiet area of downtown, Hamilton Park in J. C. reflects the history and serenity of its surroundings. A victorian-era park of the same name is the focal point to this great neighborhood!
  • This is a great park to take your pup to and let them burn off their puppy energy.
  • Cute park for dog owners and children. I want to run through the water flower like a big kid.
  • Farmers Market every Wednesday 3-7pm ... lots of amazing goodies :)
  • fun to photograph and post pics of dogs & owners in the pet free sections
  • Art House Productions is located at the end of Hamilton Park n we are behind the visual and performing arts here in Jersey City. Come visit our table!
  • Get some italian ice from the cart on 10th street
  • Don't drink the water but swimming is ok
  • ...Lay in the "Dog Free Zone" or you might have some little presents on you when you get up! :)
  • Reserve tennis courts early
  • Lizzmonade's flavor of the month is Strawberry Basil!
  • Come for the diversity festival that happens in summer!!
  • A nice park behind the mall to quickly cut off from the city.
  • Great place for a casual stroll with pretty good restaurants nearby.
  • Check out the ice cream store right across the park.
  • Nice running circuit around park. 4 laps roughly a mile.
  • Great dog runs.
  • Great venue for festivals!

Nearby places

708 Jersey Ave (10th St.)
19 McWilliams Pl (at 9th St)
30 Mall Dr W (Newport Pkwy)