Halsted Street Tap

Pub, Bar, Lounge
Concourse A, Near Gate A5 (at MDW Airport)
Chicago, IL 60638


  • They card here 100% I was like huh? I'm 49!
  • Serving at 7am? Yes, please!
  • Well for a place called "Tap" they only have 4 common brand beers on tap. Bottle selection is better. Should have a Chicago beer on Tap.
  • This place is stupid. You can't order food at the bar. You have to get takeout at the restaurant and bring it back. Midway blows.
  • Heineken on tap
  • One of the few options in the terminal. If you want a drink and you're reading this, just go get a drink already.
  • Great place to grab a beer before your Delta flight
  • To use your LTE - go in and forget free WiFi and forget Boingo - magically LTE returns - corruption where ever Boingo is !
  • Really excited to see Revolution Brewing Anti-Hero here, but $8.50 a can is a little hard to swallow.
  • They have beer. Seriously, what do you want? (I was impressed by the Firestone Walker IPA in bottle. We are realllllly far from CA!)
  • Cocktail- Rumchata & Pineapple juice on the rocks!
  • This place DOES have a full bar, even if their description says beer &wine.
  • Not much selection for as place with 'tap' in the name. $6.35 for a Sam Adams.
  • $5.25 for a 16 oz Sam Adams.... at the airport? That's better than half the normal bars I go to, who cares if they don't serve food!?
  • Don't bother reading the drink menu. They only have 1 of the 6 white wines listed. They're too lazy to print separate menus for their different restaurants.
  • Great bloody Marys.