Halloween Lobster Shows Up in Massachusetts

Of all the times and places to find an orange and black lobster, this is perfect
Fake Lobster

In honor of the pumpkin-y festivities commencing today, it seems fitting that a black and orange split lobster was discovered by a Massachusetts fisherman.

According to AP, the New England Aquarium says the fisherman from Beverly, Mass., discovered a female lobster that is half orange and half black, with the colors split perfectly down the middle.

A split lobster, Aquarium officials say, occurs once every 50 million lobsters, and this one in particular weighs a good 1 pound. In the last 10 years, split lobsters have been discovered in Maine, Rhode Island, and Nova Scotia, although a Calico lobster was discovered earlier this summer.

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Considering Hurricane Sandy's (or, as some are calling it, Frankenstorm's) recent departure from the Northeast, plus the eerily-timed discovery of the lobster, not to mention that Beverly is just miles away from Salem, as Grub Street points out, this all seems a little too coincidental to us. Happy Halloween, everyone.