Hackers Release Hudson Valley Foie Gras Customer Information

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Animal rights activists have hacked the website and released names of foie gras buyers
Hudson Valley Foie Gras Hacked

Whoops, looks like a couple of foie gras lovers got some unexpected Earth Day surprises. Yesterday, it was announced that Hudson Valley Foie Gras's website was hacked Monday and Tuesday, giving hackers access to more than 1,200 customer names, addresses, credit card types, purchases, and email addresses.

Animal rights activists took credit for the takedown, with the North American Animal Liberation Press Office sending the information to Negotiation Is Over. "We temporarily took down their website... and online store, and uncovered name/address/phone number/credit card details for over 1,200 customers who purchased foie gras and duck flesh products between June 2012 and April 2013," the hackers wrote, listing several customers' contact information and purchasing orders.

The OC Register notes that at least one chef, Laguna Beach chef Amar Santana, has been receiving harassing calls from activists since the information went public. "It is illegal to sell [foie gras] or whatever, but you are telling me it is OK to blast personal information like that online? That is more illegal than anything else," he told the Register.

Since then Hudson Valley Foie Gras has responded to the hacking, Eater reports, with a complete statement assuring customers that their credit card information was not compromised. "We use Authorize.Net for credit card processing, which provides security for credit card transactions. It is our understanding credit cards are not compromised. This criminal action has been reported and is being investigated by state and federal authorities," the full statement said.

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This isn't the first time Hudson Valley Foie Gras has been targeted by activists; most recently, the Animal Legal Defense Fund and Regal Vegan sued the foie gras company for false advertising, as it calls its product the "humane choice."