Gyro King

Mediterranean, Falafel
1017 Foster Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11230
(718) 421-6600



  • This place is straightforward, simple and delicious. My husband and I get a lamb, chicken and falafel combo - it comes with rice, whatever you want from the salad bar, and a ton of meat. Add sauce!!
  • A hidden gem in Brooklyn. For $6 it should. Be illegal to stuff a plate that heavy. Their lamb is phenomenal.
  • Food is great but sevice sucks. If yur not arab don't expect to get service,
  • Mixed over rice is amazing, for 6$ you get too much food.
  • Great gyros!
  • awesome falafel
  • Everything is delicious and the staff is super duper late so great on the way home after a long night
  • Lamb Chops
  • $6 lamb on rice, best deal it town. Lasts 1.5 meals :)
  • Great gyros
  • Get the lamb rice with green and white sauce...its cheap and veryyyy good. Great the next morning, too!
  • If you are really hungry, to my knowledge you won't get this amount of food and good taste anywhere. Go for chicken with rice, and don't forget sliced pita on top. Also, lots of white sauce.
  • Probably the best Chicken & Rice I've ever had! It has so much flavor!
  • Scrumptious. Not a long wait and toppings are a nice change of pace compared to carts.
  • Chicken on a Pita is great. It's like the Nathan's of gyro. Service? Why care? They make it the way you want. What more do you need?
  • Dont be scared of the green souce, its not that hot, but sure is very deliciou