Guys Tip Servers $200, Film Them

Feel all the warm fuzzies ever

Some guys went around town tipping servers $200. Here's what happened.

Working in the restaurant industry is tough, so whenever we hear about random acts of kindness (like tipping servers an insane amount of money), it always gives us the fuzzies. Unless it's a scam, of course. Then, we apologize for people who are rude.

In this case, however, we're dealing with some true good Samaritans. Andrew Hales from LAHWF and Stuart Edge decided to go around town and tip their servers $200 in cash. Watch below as they ask their server what's the largest tip they've ever made, and in each case, set a new record. Each one comes out to thank them profusely, with staff at one restaurant thanking the guys, as the waitress just got in a bike accident recently.

Despite the recent no-tipping policy ideas floating around, here's some food for thought for the anti-tippers: If no one is allowed to accept tips, where would all our random acts of kindness happen? Adding on an extra $10 (or $100) for tips is an easy way to surprise someone and make their day. It's also, apparently, a great way to go viral. Watch the happiness below.