Guy Fieri Awarded Honorary Doctorate at Alma Mater

Harrah Hotel College has made Fieri a doctor

Looks like Guy Fieri has a new title now: In addition to king of flavortown, he's also Doctor Fieri.

Fieri's alma mater University of Nevada, Las Vegas awarded Fieri with an honorary doctorate during the UNLV fall commencement on Dec. 18, rewarding him for his "public service, for maintaining a strong connection with UNLV students, and for supporting hotel college fundraising efforts," the UNLV newscenter says.

Fieri, who attended the Harrah Hotel College for hospitality, noted that the doctorate might have beat out opening a restaurant in New York (and getting slammed by Pete Wells). Last year, Fieri was named Harrah Hotel College alumnus of the year, and this year he spoke to more than 2,000 graduating students about his experiences.

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"To get the honorary doctorate is amazing," Fieri said. "I’ve had some great things happen in my career, but this is at the top." As we mentioned, inadvertent winner of the year.