Gum Wall

Row 1

1428 Post Aly (at Pike St)
Seattle, WA 98101
Landmark, Public Art
Mon–Sun: 24 Hours

Foursquare Tips

  • An Amex Travel watch-out: feel free to add your own gum but dont lean against it!
  • 2The Seattle Gum Wall
  • Feel free to add your own gum but dont lean against it!
  • The wall smells like peppermint!
  • Hey, free gum. It's tasty
  • DNA goldmine! Think twice before leaving yours. You've been warned :P
  • Try the strawberry pineapple swirl, it'll make your head spiral!
  • Leve your gum and DNA
  • Didn't smell. Lies! Don't be a wimp, add a piece!
  • This place smells vile. Holy hell.
  • Seattle's Gum Wall - an absolute, must visit, if you are showing tourists around!
  • get a gumball from the quarter machine, and add your gum to the wall!
  • The germaphobe in me shudders, however the Gum Wall is cool to look at, just no touchies! While you're down there, slip into the Alibi Room for a pint and pie(pizza pie), it's a semi-hidden gem.
  • Who started it all..that's the question
  • Deixe o seu chicletes !
  • Kinda gross
  • blow a bubble
  • The best photo opps call for checking your soles before you get into your car... your shoes will be sticky with fallen soldiers from this monument.
  • We Left <3 Our Initials <3 On The Post Alley Gum Wall!!

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