Guerrilla Street Food

Food Truck, Filipino, Moving Target
3559 Arsenal Street
St Louis, MO 63134



St. Louis has something you probably don’t: a badass food truck serving Filipino-inspired cuisine with the motto: "Fresh. Local. Filipino." The founder and chef Joel Crespo and Brian Hardesty have been open for about a year and already they’ve taken over the Gateway to the West, their Guerrilla Street Food truck being named the 2012 "Best Food Truck in St. Louis" by the Riverfront Times.


The rotating menu of dishes might require a little explanation to those who are less than familiar with Filipino cuisine, but you don’t need a passport to order Guerrilla’s signature dish, the "Flying Pig." Slow-roasted pork set on jasmine rice, topped with egg and accented by calamansi tartness and Sriracha heat. "You're content to wait for trucks bearing tacos, pizza, or whatever to park near you," the Riverfront Times noted. "Guerrilla Street Food you hunt down." — Arthur Bovino, 11/13/2012


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  • Must try the Bicol Express!
  • Try the Calamansi Cooler. It's a revelation.
  • The menu changes daily. So try something new. Realize what you've been missing. Tell the lovely gentlemen "Thank you for bringing the wonderful gift of Filipino food to all of StL". Repeat as needed.
  • Help Guerrilla Street Food build a Brick & Mortar!
  • RFT 2012 Best of St. Louis Winner - Best Food Truck- Try the "flying pig" it's like nothing else in town!
  • Very Tasty!
  • Try the Homemade Garlic Peanuts! Current studies show that garlic is great for lowering cholesterol and peanuts are great for a healthy heart. We just think they taste awesome.
  • So enjoyed their food! The fried lumpia's are amazing.. and the smores are the bomb! Can't wait to stalk this truck all over the StL!
  • The pork af
  • Flying Pig is delish!
  • The Chicken Adobo burrito is fantastic.
  • Get the flying pig. Best food truck in St. Louis
  • The Flying Pig is the standout: tender slow-roasted pork with chiles, sriracha sauce and calamansi, all served over rice and topped decadently with an egg cooked for an hour in a sous-vide bath.
  • The Go! List 2013: Best food truck
  • Catch it if you can!
  • Best of '12: Duck poutine at Guerrilla Street Food truck. Brought it to @iTAPbeer and couldnt shut up about it, says @Ericstl6.
  • The Flying Pig is delicious! Now I want to learn how to make an egg sous vide style...
  • Awesome. Just Awesome!
  • Not an egg fan? Get the "Flying Pig" without the egg, save a dollar, & make it a "Wandering Pig." Need spice? Get your "Chicken Adobo" with some sriracha hot sauce on top and make it "Tiger Style!"
  • Add a sous vide 1 hour egg to any dish for only a $1 extra. Just call it a "Flying _______" (e.g. an order of adobo with a 1 hour egg becomes a Flying Adobo).

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