Guadalajara Restaurant

452 E Empire St
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 294-0545



  • Excellent, hugh and very cheap burritos. A must for everyone who likes authentic Mexican food. The dark side of this is that you have to order in Spanish :-)
  • This is just a little neighborhood place and we had a coupon or we would never have known it was there. Our food was good and the workers were friendly. Some nice spice in the Diabla sauce
  • Uh carnitas is supposed to be deep fried pork. Why is it swimming in a vat of fatty water?!
  • I ordered two meals to go in English and no problems. A guy was taking the orders. Even if you have to order in Spanish the menu is in English and everyone should be able to handle uno, dos, tres...
  • Love this place! It helps to know a bit of Spanish but it is worth the price and quality!
  • Great breakfast burritos and very nice people. Amex check in deal is awesome. $2 for a Guadalajara special burrito. We've been coming for three years.