GT Chassis Gaming Seat Is Racer Tester & Formula One Approved


Boys will be boys, right? And typically, boys love video games. It doesn't really matter how old men get, there's always that childlike side that would be more than happy to virtually race down a speedway for the winning trophy. And when it comes to racing games, nothing beats a high-end gaming seat and we are loving the GT Chassis from HumanRacing. Having been tested by actual Formula One drivers at various Grand Prix events, they take their designs pretty seriously and try to get as close to the real thing as possible. The simulator's design was inspired by real racing autos, with an adjustable seat, sturdy frame, shifter, and racing pedals. The brand promises that the chair will be able to withstand all your movements, no matter how spastic and crazy you may get while playing a game. The product is also customizable depending on your needs, meaning that you can upgrade to any racing bucket seat or even into a full-motion simulator.