Growler Man Offers Artisan Growlers for Your Craft Brew

Because good beer deserves a good vessel

Glass Bails: $35

These hand-blown jugs features a stainless steel band that secures a metal wire handle to a wooden handle top, designed for comfortable carrying. The bail edition was designed by Hanover, Penn.-based Benjamin Arthur to recognize the time when patrons first carried their fresh beer home in buckets. Each is 11½ inches tall and holds two liters of liquid, with a porcelain flip-top stopper and durable rubber seal. 


Ceramic Jugs: $125 (plain) or $150 (with plaque)

Romanick Growlers are high-fired stoneware pottery, hand-thrown on a potter's wheel and signed by the artist. Each logo — a whimsical play on words with the G showing bared teeth, as if it were growling — is hand-carved and colored. The interior of each growler is coated with a white glaze. (All glazes used are lead free and contain no harmful materials.) This type of growler offers the maximum protection for your brew, as no light can get it to break down (or "skunk") the beer in storage. Since each item is handmade, growlers may be slightly different than pictured.


— Danya Henninger, The Drink Nation