“Grow Your Own and Share With Everyone You Know”

From foodtank.com by Clare Algozin
“Grow Your Own and Share With Everyone You Know”

The Growing Project is a nonprofit that uses agricultural experiences, education, and advocacy to promote a strong, diverse, and just local food system in Northern Colorado. This organization address food security in the area by creating community gardens and educational programs to increase access to healthy food options while providing knowledge and skills to the community.

Food Tank had the opportunity to speak with Dana Guber at The Growing Project.

Food Tank (FT): How do you contribute to creating a better food system?

Dana Guber (DG): We create programs that don't just feed people but give them the resources to feed themselves.  We create common ground in the garden for everyone to come together to teach, learn, and share.  We believe that everyone should have access to healthy local foods and do our best through food education, production, and distribution to eliminate financial and social barriers to accessing healthy foods.

FT: What is a project, program, or result you are most proud of?

DG: Urban Foods Outreach installs community gardens in low-income areas based on need and interest of the community.  We get to work alongside and share knowledge with all sorts of different people in our community.

FT: What are your goals for 2015 and beyond?

DG: To have a more permanent home base garden location within one of the community we work with, work with more disadvantaged youth, increase awareness of foraged edible plants.

FT: In one sentence, what is the most important thing eaters and consumers can do today to support a more sustainable food system?

DG: Grow your own and share it with everyone you know.

Download the 2015 Good Food Org Guide HERE.