Gross Leftovers Sing Songs About Leftovers

This is grossing us out, but also, kind of true? People, eat your leftovers

Come Monday we're all going to be stuffing our faces with all sorts of roasted things and pastries and mashed potatoes and gravy-covered messes, but like any good celebration, leftovers are required.

So what do we do with all the leftovers? Common sense suggests that we send off guests with a solid care package of food, but if there's just way too much, you can always sing this ridiculous "12 Days of Leftovers" song. First there's the half-eaten leg of turkey (more of a Thanksgiving thing, but we'll let it slide), then there's some cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, fuzzy mac and cheese, and all sorts of gross things. To be honest, we've never had that many leftovers before, but that's because we're professional eaters. It's our job.

This is actually an advertisement for Outback Steakhouse, but it's amusing nevertheless. There's also the full version of "12 Days of Leftovers", if you want to subject your poor ears to that.

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