Grilling Enthusiasts Have to Check Out Grill Grrrl Blog

Blogger Robyn Lindars grills chicken wings and more
Grilling Enthusiasts Have to Check Out Grill Grrrl Blog
Grill Grrrl/Robyn Lindars

Robyn also offers grilling clinics for women where they learn everything from how to light a grill to how to create direct and indirect heat.

Talk to grilling superstar, food blogger, and trained Florida BBQ Association judge Robyn Lindars and she’ll tell you that grilling is a fun and healthy way to add lots of flavor to your food without using a ton of dishes. And her blog, Grill Grrrl: Adventures of a Girl on the Grill, is proving it. Check out her West Indies Wings, for example; marinated in just four ingredients, these simple and delicious grilled wings are one of Robyn’s favorite recipes. “It sounds crazy, but they’re amazing on the grill. They’re hot and spicy, full of Caribbean flavor. It’s a trip to the islands.”

Robyn encourages women to try grilling too. “Some women do grill… but, for some reason, grilling is one of those things that still has a gender role attached to it — grilling is still the guy’s domain. More women should grill; it’s just really fun.” She even teaches grilling clinics for women teaching them how to light the grill of their choice, how to oil the grill grates, how to use a meat thermometer and cook meat to the proper internal temperature, and how to create (and use) direct and indirect zones on the grill.

Grilling is quick, requires few dishes and little cleanup, and allows you to make healthy, delicious food while being outdoors — if you're not a grilling enthusiast already you've got to give grilling a try. If you’re interested in grilling be sure to check out Robyn’s blog for more recipes and tips.

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