Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round

Theme Park
Park Center (Chrystal Springs Dr)
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 665-3051


  • True. It's fast and the calliope music is too insane for some but after the tame zoo carousel with the 80s music on repeat, it's super fun! My DD was too young the first time but she loves it now!
  • Some trails start off from here. Good for a day of hiking.
  • LA Weekly's Best of LA 2010 pick - Best Timeless Childhood Classic!
  • Mr Disney used to day dream here
  • In need of desperate renovation
  • "Old-timey and candy-striped... Two bucks gets you a rickety ride on this historic carousel. Walt Disney used to bring his kids here before Disneyland was even a twinkle in his eye." -5 Every Day
  • Lots of shade trees. Bring a blanket and chill.
  • This park is a great family putting or personal inner city getaway for one... the carousel music just adds to the atmosphere
  • Look for the Devil Horse the inside one with the red ruby.
  • Bring cash or stop at the Autry Museum ATM
  • Did you know? Carousels evolved from a medieval French tournament event, in which horsemen would attempt to spear a small hanging ring, while riding a horse or chariot at full-speed.
  • Kicking oldschool, turbo speeds<3
  • God, this thing goes too fast. I feel nauseous just standing there looking at it. Terrified my 2 yr old!
  • Round and they play the same song over and over again
  • This thing is annoying as hell.

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