Green Lake Loop

Trail, Lake, Park
7201 E Green Lake Dr N (path around Green Lake)
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 684-4075


  • I love running here and I see a fat person. Thanks, you're my motivation!
  • Beautiful rain or shine. Often see turtles, herons, and lots of ducks. Great people watching too. Love to run here with the runner stroller.
  • I run here daily, in hopes of seeing the super hot and shirtless Italian guy. I do believe he's my motivation!
  • 3.2 miles of beautiful, urban goodness.
  • The outside loop is always less crowded, so you don't have to dodge all the walkers. And most of it's dirt instead of pavement, so it's not as hard on your knees.
  • Boathouse to the community center/beach ~1 mile, community center to the theater ~0.8 mile, and theater to the boathouse ~1 mile.
  • What a great loop to get a little mother nature inspiration going in the mornings before work.
  • The walk around the lake is 2.8mi long & beautiful!
  • Great for a nice walk around the lake. 2.5miles and the people watching is the best.
  • Run the outside loop! Get a beer at green lake tavern when you're done (:
  • After your walk or run, stop into Spids Fish & Chips to refuel.
  • This is in Winter!
  • Joggers in one lane, cyclists in the other :)
  • If you're here in the am, bluwater bistro has fab champagne brekkie and at night, dukes HH is yummy!!!
  • There are great views of the lake, a small island on the lake's northwest corner called Duck Island & lots of people watching. It's a very popular park for dog walkers, cyclists, rollerbladers & more.
  • Great people watching, good place to go for a run as long as it isn't a Saturday in the summer. It gets CROWDED! Early morning or evening is best for fewer people.
  • Ladies, beware...creepy, methy skinhead on a bike, asking all sorts of odd questions. I've seen him a few times between 5-6:30
  • Love walking my dogs at this park!! My favorite park
  • Go early and avoid mass crowds.
  • It's about 3 miles around the loop. Great on a sunny day in Seattle!

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