Green Flash Debuts 2 New IPAs and an 8-Pack

Green Flash Debuts 2 New IPAs and an 8-Pack


Beginning this November, San Diego-based Green Flash Brewing will offer an IPA for every palate with the addition of Soul Style IPA and Jibe Session IPA to the year-round lineup. Green Flash already makes the flagship West Coast IPA, plus Hop Head Red and a Double IPA and will also add a new variety pack of 8.

The “single” and “session” offerings will round out the craft brewery’s flavorful portfolio,and the variety pack will feature eight 12oz bottles of Green Flash favorites (4 bottles West Coast IPA, 2 bottles of Double Stout, and 2 bottles of Hop Head Red).  Each of the three national year-round product releases will be available beginning in November in all 50 US states.

About Soul Style IPA
Confident that the brewing team would develop an outstanding single IPA, the name “Soul Style” refers to the grace of the rarely seen, soul style surfer who leans way back on the board, making each difficult maneuver appear effortless. Soul Style is the Green Flash approach the art of crafting the perfect IPA.  Citra, Simcoe and Cascade hops are layered to allow bright tropical citrus to mingle with waves of floral notes that break gently on the palate. Soul Style IPA is 6.5% ABV with 75 IBUs.

Brewmaster, Chuck Silva’s Tasting Notes for Soul Style IPA
Appearance – Orange Gold with bright white beer foam
Aroma – Very floral with tropical fruit including ripe mango and a hint of orange blossom honey
Flavor - Starts with a mellow pale malt sweetness then transitions to pungent hop flavors with grassy notes and a lingering but clean bitter finish. Dominant flavors – Clementine, Mango, Orange-Blossom
About Jibe Session IPA

With the wind at their backs, the Green Flash brewers made a sharp change in direction producing “JIBE”.  But true to form, the Session IPA was brewed in an extreme way.  Green Flash set out to produce to lowest ABV possible and still achieve bold, complex IPA flavor and body.  Jibe Session IPA is a 4.0% ABV, 60 IBU “session” beer made with layers of Simcoe, Cascade and Amarillo hops.  The flavor profile and mouth feel will satisfy consumer demand for a full-flavored Green Flash interpretation of the popular style.

Brewmaster Notes – Jibe Session IPA  
Appearance – Yellow Gold with fluffy white beer foam
Aroma – Fresh, woodsy pine, eucalyptus, and Oroblanco grapefruit.
Flavor – Verdant hop leaf flavors dominate the lean body with a crisp mouth feel and lingering Oroblanco pithy bitterness.

Hitting store shelves in November, the Green Flash Discovery Pack is loaded with eight 12 oz bottles of award-winning Green Flash classics.

  • 4 West Coast IPA
  • 2 Hop Head Red IPA
  • 2 Double Stout

These quintessential examples of Green Flash styles offer the consumer a way to sample the lineup, and will keep the fridge stocked with craft essentials all year.

With two new brews on tap and a fresh retail presence, Green Flash is able to better reach the broad based national craft consumer without straying from their hop-loving SoCal roots. The  remain firm in their brand promise to passionately produce world-class beer, continuously evolving to offer new and innovative flavors to create craft beer adventures that can be enjoyed from coast to coast.

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