Greek Yogurt: Your Favorite Fatty Foods, Only Slimmer


Just because you’re watching your waistline doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some of your favorite creamy, diet-wrecking dishes. All you need is a dollop of Greek yogurt and these three handy recipes.

While a container of Fage is delicious when used to whip up a sweet breakfast parfait, Greek yogurt can also serve as a great substitute for many savory dips, dressings and dishes too. The calorie count? Low. The protein and probiotic content? High. And the flavor? Well, that’s spot on.

Seven Layer Dip

Seven layer dip is actually full of nutritious ingredients like black beans, tomatoes, olives and delicious, heart-healthy monounsaturated fat-filled avocado. So why the bad rap? Blame the sour cream. About 90 percent of regular sour cream comes from saturated fat — even if it delivers just 52 calories per serving.

With its slightly tart flavor and a similar consistency to sour cream, Greek yogurt is the perfect stand in for that thick, gooey layer. Better yet, with football season around the corner, prepare to indulge in a guilt-free game-day snack.

"Ranch" Dressing

A single tablespoon of ranch dressing can pack in more than 75 calories, and most of it comes from fat (so much for that healthy carrot stick). Doctor-up your favorite no- or low-fat Greek yogurt with a blend of spices and herbs for a healthier version of this go-to party dip with about 75 percent less calories. All you need is garlic, chives, flat-leaf Italian parsley, lemon juice and a dash of salt.

Chicken Salad

This next one comes to you from personal trainer and Zeel Expert Stefan Aschan, a master of weight loss and fitness. Stefan shows us how to make a chicken salad sandwich you won’t regret. First, create a Greek yogurt dill dressing using non-fat Greek yogurt, one minced garlic clove, juice from half a lemon, half a cucumber peeled and diced, and fresh dill to taste. Toss in raw almonds, celery and capers for an added crunch, and roll up into crunchy lettuce wraps. Voila!