The Great Escape

Record Shop, Bookstore, Music Store
5400 Charlotte Ave
Nashville, TN 37209


  • Participants in Free Comic Book Day, the first Saturday in May.
  • My sons love this store! The staff is always very helpful and friendly, and you can find things here you can't find anywhere else. One of my sons takes advantage of the store's subscription service.
  • This is far more than an old dusty records shop despite popular & misguided belief! It has been my Comics & Toys exclusive sanctuary for DECADES!
  • Record store day.
  • This is a cool shop. Lots of interesting stuff. However, I've stopped in for the last 3 months on the day they get new comic books in, and not once did they have the new valiant comics in stock. wtf?
  • This place is MASSIVE, go there, go now!! Great prices, great staff!!
  • They are back!! Lots of new stuff.
  • I am missing this store. It's closed for now since it got hit by the Flood.
  • Great used music, DVDs and more - looking for comic books? Look no further.
  • Big ol' record, CD, and odds & ends selection, some cool band flags and shirts sometimes
  • So cool! Huge selection of old records, DVDs, old mags/photos/posters, and comic/sci-fi memorabilia. You could definitely kill a few great hours combing through this place. A must see in Nashville.
  • Closets record store to High Fidelity. Great store.
  • Very unhappy with them ATM. Now both stores have a no carry sign posted on premise for firearms which is within their rights as is mine to shop elsewhere.
  • Great preloved comics, music, and videogames. Nice ppl serving it all up...
  • Good luck getting service at the Magic card desk. Laziest customer service ever.
  • If you're looking for an excellent selection of classic comics, toys, and movies, then head right to the back of the store. The prices beat nearly everyone, and the selection is wonderfully eclectic.
  • Here's a tip, get here early!
  • It had alot if selection but why is used records so expensive now?
  • Always an awesome time when I browse/shop here!!!
  • This one guy named Richard is a real dick. True story.

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