Great Ape House at the National Zoo

Row 1

Smithsonian National Zoo (3100 Connecticut Ave NW)
Washington, DC

Foursquare Tips

  • This place stinks!
  • Watch the orangutans think about going across the O-line.
  • Roll doobs and enjoy the gorillas
  • Do not climb on the planter
  • always a gr8 place for the kids
  • The great Ape house was closed due to a birth they should had it posted at the entrance
  • It stinks in here! Skip it and head over to the Think Tank where you can still see some monkeys and orangutans
  • Sometimes it seems like the orangutans know they're being watched so they put on a show.
  • You'll laugh the whole time. They were funny
  • Orangutan swinging. We saw two of them!
  • Or an a tag swinging. Awesome, there were two of them!
  • It's a great place to be a monkey.
  • It is really cool seeing the orangutan cross over the path.
  • It really reeks in here and can be quite unbearable.
  • The Great Ape House stinks. Clip your nose and walk through it quick.
  • Watch the baby gorilla & get respite from cold/heat.