Grand CineCenter

Movie Theater, Cineplex
City Center - Doha Mall (Conference Centre St.)
الدوحة, الدوحة


  • Don't fall asleep
  • Nice theater but unfortunately noisy people
  • To fully enjoy a movie, avoid Thursday & Friday evening shows
  • Most screens are big enough but check your seat before you sit down. Attracts the worst kind of iliketotalkduringafilmandanswermyphone assholes though and they don't do anything about it.
  • Caramel pop corn are delicious!
  • Mixed caramel and plain popcorn!
  • Sit near the front, 'cause the pinging Blackberrys are at the back
  • Do not bring your baby kids !
  • Bring a jumper, don't fall asleep, baby kids shouldn't be here and answer your calls outside!
  • Carry your jacket..its very cold this place!
  • put your mobiles on silent and answer your calls outside.
  • She's dating!
  • The wolf of wall streets...
  • One of the crowded place in qatar on weekends :)
  • Having access to money and cinemas since 1976 doesnt allow you to act like assholes in a movie theater;there are universal rules shut up sit down and watch the damn movie. If not watch at home.
  • Try VIP cinema, and make sure your chair is functional
  • Dont forget to carry something to throw at the bastards who never shut the fuck up during the best parts of the movie
  • The nachos and corn are great

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