Gramercy Park

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btwn Gramercy Park N & S (btwn Gramercy Park E & W)
New York, NY 10003
Mon–Wed, Sun: Noon–11:00 PM Thu: Noon–Midnight Fri–Sat: Noon–2:00 AM

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  • Trouble in paradise: O. Aldon James, president of the National Arts Club, is battling the park's five trustees to loosen regulations governing enjoyment of the shared space. (Keys cost $350 apiece.)
  • The only private park in Manhattan, allows rich people to do homeless people things in the saftey of their own park. Sleep on a bench, defecate behind a fountain. This Urban legend is real.
  • Pretend you're staying at the Gramercy and Ask the doorman to let you in. Admire the plaques about loving trees in safety as the zombies tear apart the city outside.
  • If you're staying at the Gramercy, the doorman will let you in/out.
  • Opening the gate to the elusive gramercy park
  • The part of Manhattan that's most like London. Many fine 19th & early 20th century houses and apartments surround a private park. Urban plan 1831, Samuel Ruggles.
  • The trick is to buy a $350 key and sell admission to passersby until you recoup your cost.
  • Could not get in private
  • Edwin Booth, brother of John Wilkes Booth, headed a powerful Gramercy Park club that included Mark Twain and JP Morgan. Learn more about the Booths in MY THOUGHTS BE BLOODY by Nora Titone.
  • The statue in the center of the park is of Edwin Booth and was donated by The Players in 1917. Every year on his birthday (November 13th), the members assemble and place a laurel wreath on his statue.
  • This park is private for the people who reside around that area, and isn't open to the public. However, the sidewalks of the streets around the park is a popular and enjoyable jogging place.
  • Beautiful park to enjoy!
  • Hermoso parque privado, es necesario contar con una llave o ser huesped del hotel Gramercy para poder acceder a l.
  • Don't drive here!
  • Don't litter and please clean up after your pooch!!
  • Jumping the fence is really hard to do..
  • Lovely small park by the hotel
  • They open the park to the public on Christmas Eve for carol singing.
  • Get a key!
  • They got good plants