Grădina Icoanei

Garden, Park
P-ța Gheorghe Cantacuzino (Str. A. D. Xenopol / Str. J. L. Calderon)
București, București


  • locul ala linistit in care poti scapa de oras in mijlocul orasului
  • Great, historic little park with sandy alleys and playgrounds for kids.
  • Parcul copilariei mele... Are un spirit boem :))
  • vesnica=))
  • Clean playground.
  • free water
  • Bun shaorma halita pe banc! Verdea i linite n centrul oraului
  • Long way for serving the meal , more than an hour. At the reservation time they were not able to provide the table. We waste our lovely Sunday afternoon
  • really nice for kids... even if its really sunny outside
  • Disaster human facilities but great dog playground.
  • Regulament de ordine interioara (ce?)

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