Gozsdu Udvar

Király u. 13.
Budapest, Budapest 1075


  • There's a fantastic crafts Market here every Sunday. It can be a bit expensive so bring all your forints for holiday gifts :)
  • Keressetek Virag a Gozsdu Mano Klubban,az egyetlen lany aki az egesz udvarban mosolyog :)
  • Outstanding pubs and gastropubs every day and lovely market on Sundays. A must visit in Budapest!
  • Itt a legnagyobb a ngyzetmterre jut kocsmk szma a vrosban.
  • Superb place. You won't get bored!
  • Upuzun bir pasaj, iinde tarz kafeler, restoranlar, tasarm arlkl el ileri ve az da olsa eskileri satan tezgahlar var. i rengarenk, dopdolu, sabah ayr, akam ayr gzel.
  • Nice place between the buildings with lots of restaurants and good atmosphere.
  • The place where nightlife starts!
  • Perfect for pub/bar crawling. Packed with all walks of life. Quite an atmosphere. Definitely a place to visit at least once - even if you're non-alcoholic.
  • Pad thai
  • Thai food is really good
  • World herritage place
  • a very nice passage, a large variety of bars, restaruants, karaoke, escape rooms, thai, spanish etc. definitely I would recommend to go there on weekend and go to divina if you are a fan of wine.
  • street with bars for tourists, crowded at weekend, on tables people sales various kitschy things. it's worth to sit down for one beer.
  • Cluster of bars and restaurants. Lot of choices.
  • Lots of bars, cafes and restaurants on 1 street. Wild nightlife on weekends.
  • Very nice place full of restaurants and bars. You may want to visit the vintage bazaar on sunday mornings
  • Kadky-Taksim-BJK aras bir yer, apartlarda kalmak ok ucuza geliyor, genler iin mkemmel bir yer: restoran, bar, kafe, karaoke ne ararsanz var. Ayrca toplu tamaya ve merkeze ok yakn.
  • Cute place with flea markets, henna tattoos, homemade vegan soap and handmade jewellery
  • Busy squares full of people. Many bars and cafs, many which aren't unique or especially great but cheap and good atmosphere

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