Gordon Ramsay's Missing Potato Peeler Causes Prison Problems

The celebrity chef was filming in a prison and sparked a lockdown

Gordon Ramsay

Loudmouthed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay somehow sparked a prison lockdown when filming at a British prison earlier this month.

Ramsay was filming a new show for the UK's Channel 4, in which he teaches inmates how to cook to help with their rehabilitation.

Apparently, after packing up the cooking equipment, his staff thought they were missing a potato peeler, causing the prison to reportedly lockdown for two hours in order to find it.

"They realised [sic] they only had 11 potato peelers, when they thought they'd brought in 12. In prison, a potato peeler could be used as an absolutely devastating weapon," a source told the Telegraph. "Lo and behold, they realised [sic] they'd only brought 11 inside in the first place. The look on their faces when they had to tell these tough prison guards they'd completely wasted their time was absolutely priceless."

We wouldn't want to tell those prison guards either.

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