Gordon Ramsay Sued for $75,000 and More News

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In today's Media Mix, a wd~50 family tree, plus maple syrup goes high tech
Gordon Ramsay
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Gordon Ramsay Sued, Again: A Manhattan firm has filed a suit claiming Gordon Ramsay owes almost $75,000 in overdue bills. Yikes. [NY Post]

A Perfect Egg: While chefs may say that the perfect egg is actually a 65-degree egg, science disagrees. We think our taste buds should decide. [Science Daily]

Maple Syrup Technology: Forget Little House on the Prairie; maple syrup sap is now being collected by pipeline and vacuum pumps. [NPR]

Cockroaches for Breakfast: In a video not for the queasy-stomached, Nordic Food Lab shows you how to cook cockroaches for breakfast. Um, yay protein? [Eater]

Behind the Plate at Gordon Ramsay

wd~50's Family: Here's a map of the wd~50 family tree, an impressive network including Mario Carbone, Christina Tosi, and Dave Arnold. [Grub Street]