GOP Cuts Compostable Cutlery

Green flatware is removed from the House's cafeteria.

As Congress settles into a new session, Republican representatives are turning their attention towards former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi's Green the Capitol initiative. Rep. Dan Lundgren (R-Calif.) is spearheading the changes to the program, in particular, getting rid of the cornstarch-based utensils available in the House cafeteria. 

Apart from the flimsy nature of the biodegradable tableware, Lundgren cited that the House's energy costs have increased by an estimated $475,000 each year since the program began three years ago. He concluded that a bulk of the cost comes from the in-house "pulper" used to compress the composted materials into fertilizer, the transportation of the material to the composting facility in Maryland, and its final destination, the Capitol gardens. 

Lundgren's proposed alternative waste-management system would capture energy given off when dining service trash is incinerated.

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