The Goonie's House

Entertainment, Historic Site
368 38th St (at Duane St)
Astoria, OR 97103


  • They also had a "NObama" sticker on their truck. It definitely felt like some bizarro world. We're not in Portland any more...
  • Remember that this is not a zoo, but a residential neighborhood ;-). Respect the exhibits ;-)
  • The neighbours frown on you doing the truffle shuffle on their lawn.
  • Check out the Oregon Film Museum. Map and props. Goonies gift shop and you can even make short films!
  • It all start here...
  • Best time to visit is afternoon or evening. You will get a better picture, and it's a great view for a sunset.
  • You're not even allowed to walk up and see it anymore. There are signs everywhere telling visitors "no goonies traffic." Very sad.
  • Heyyyyy youuu guuuyyyysss I Loved it!! :D
  • Nostalgic and exciting
  • Was expecting something totally different, but it was so cool to see it in person.
  • Hey youuuu guuyyyssss!!!!...
  • Pretty awesome
  • Dont touch moms statues
  • Traffic is intebse
  • No access.

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