Theme Park
Six Flags New England
Agawam, MA 01001


  • You HAVE to ride it in the back row. WAY more intense than riding it in the front.
  • If your in the very last row its scarier :O try it
  • Worth the wait for the back row!
  • Most intense ride in the park, in my opinion. Totally awesome, but I'm glad I saved it for last.
  • Front vs back depends on whether you'd like your max g forces going forwards (ride in the back) or backwards (ride in the front)
  • This ride breaks down too much... But SO worth it!
  • Best ride in the park, hands downor hands up, if you're feelin' brave.
  • The front row is the best seat in the house!
  • You are usually assigned seats but if you ask the ride operator to ride in a specific seat they will allow it.
  • Awesome fun
  • The ride is seriously never open. Of you're coming to the park to ride this ride, don't. Chances are it will be closed.
  • Defiently makes your stomach drop.
  • This is my favorite ride in the whole park.

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