Row 1

Colossus County Fair (at Six Flags Magic Mountain)
Valencia, CA 91355

Foursquare Tips

  • Riding Goliath at night is just insane.
  • Living up to its legendary name, this behemoth is repeatedly ranked one of the best steel coasters in the US for its ancient Mayan-ruins theme, main drop of a whopping 255 ft, & speeds up to 85 MPH.
  • They're not kidding when they say SECURE YOUR BELONGINGS.. G-forces have a tendency to work wonders on loose items (especially phones)
  • I sat in front and the force of the air on the ride almost took my t-shirt off.
  • This ride may give u a case of the green apple splatters
  • Another one of my favorites. Must ride at night and keep your hands up the entire time!
  • Wait for the front row on the first car!
  • One of my favorite rides ever.. But in the past i've lost my key chain, shoes, and glasses.. but i'm here and i am back for more GOLIATH!! Yayy!!
  • Love the first drop
  • Don't clench up. Relax and let the ride work for you. Best ride I've ever been on.
  • Breathe. Don't eat right before you go on this ride. Also, keep hydrated. If you have the tendency to pass out like me just follow those steps and you should be good.
  • Smoothest roller coaster here. Not a bad seat on it.
  • The G forces make your eyes tear up!
  • The best roller coaster on Earth!
  • Waiting in line, but it goes fast
  • One of the best coasters here. People tend to blackout in the middle seats so sit in back or front if you don't want to see black spots fill your eyes from G force!
  • A must @ nite time
  • Hands up in the air & do not forget to smile for the camera. The middle is a must for the "timid" rider & the back/front for the experienced
  • Raise yo' hands up like ya just don't care!
  • Fast short fun