Gold iPhone 5S: Could the Rumors Be True?


It's not unheard of for a luxury cellphone to be released covered in diamonds and gold, so you shouldn't be too surprised that the iPhone may be next in line. Ever since Apple revealed they would be dropping some big announcements on September 10, the internet has been buzzing with rumors related to a possible new color option — gold. According to the Los Angeles Times, M.G. Sieglar (a venture capitalist who blogs for TechCrunch) has confirmed the rumor's validity with "multiple sources," claiming that instead of over-the-top gold, the new iPhone will reflect a more champagne color. Though Apple has stuck with the black and white color scheme for their phones in the past, bringing in a new color seems right up their alley. After all, if the 5S comes in gold, the company wouldn't have to worry as much about updating the phone from within — what better way to show you're on top of the tech pile than by covering your newest offering in gold?