The Goat

Dive Bar, Karaoke
7248 Gaston Ave (at Tucker St.)
Dallas, TX 75214
(214) 327-8119



  • Voted by me as the restroom you'd least like to be forced to seek shelter in during a tornado or nuclear apocalypse.
  • Really awesome staff, really awful clientele ...
  • Try not to breath thru your nose
  • Never wear Jordans on karaoke night.
  • Best dive bar in Dallas. Live music is great, what a scene.
  • This place has the best blues almost any night of the week, except for karaoke nights.
  • Slam the door!
  • Make sure you use the men's restroom, it smells like a tropical island.
  • During the week The Goat is one of the best blues bars in town, but on Sunday things get weird, and then Karaoke happens.
  • Puff, Puff, but don't Pass this place up... #ijs
  • Make sure when using the restroom to breath through your mouth! Just sayin!
  • Great karaoke on Wed and Sun nights.
  • Smoking patio
  • It's not the Best Dive Bar in Dallas for nothing! Say hi to my uncle Tony for me!
  • WORST KARAOKE HOST EVER! She doesn't understand winning new customers. Skipped us after waiting 2hrs. Then brings up a friend who just walked in. Bad first impression. The pavilion lounge is best!
  • Perry. Monday nights. Do it. Blues like you wouldn't believe.
  • Actually the rr is very sturdy in case of tornado.
  • Don't touch anything.
  • Omg. Fabulous blues. Wow!!!
  • Where did all the Dallas blues go? Right here!

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